SEP - Unique Software which gives the detailed analysis and reporting of

  • Primary Sales (Stock & Sales)
  • Secondary Sales
  • Field force reporting (FFR)

SEP gives the detailed comparison of the Sales happened in the market which makes you aware of the real sales and flaws in the market to improve your sales strategies.


We have evidence of improve in your total sales up to 7% every month and accuracy of 95% in the reports and analysis. The quality of our software explains about our service.

Data Security 100%

We are storing your data in the cloud servers which is 4 tire data centre with highly secured encrypted format. We are signing the NDA to ensure the manual leakage of data.

Secondary Sales Analysis:

Secondary sales analysis is very much important for a company to know the real sales happened in the market. Secondary sales only will make a company to implement new strategies, new product introduction, man power management, etc., Company’s bottom most approach starts only from the secondary sales analysis.

Area wise statement is the source for the software to analyze the Secondary sales of the company.

SSR Analysis gives you the reports as follows.

  • Monthly sales Comparison bar graph
  • Pie Chart representation of Top 10 – Products, Area, Customers
  • List of Top Products, Area, Customers
  • Individual Product Life cycle Month wise bar graph

Dashboard gives you an overall sales performance analysis in single screen which fulfill your most informative need of your company.

Our Software generates more than 10 different reports with the necessary data after refining your area wise statements.

  • Distributor wise individual report
  • Customer wise individual reports
  • Pin code wise individual reports
  • Product wise individual reports
  • Representative Pin code wise report
  • Representative Product wise report
  • Customer wise individual report
  • roduct wise report
  • Representatives report
  • Chemist wise report
  • Graphical Representative Report
  • GAP Analysis
  • Return analysis
  • Doctor wise contribution reports
  • Customized reports according to your requirement

All the reports can be exported as Excel and PDF Format directly from the software

Mobile Application: “Move Informative”

We understand “your time is more precious” - No more wasting time in analyzing the sales reports, We give you mobile application with our software which makes you move informative even in the field when you are in calls.

Mobile application gives you single click option to know

  • Month wise comparison Bar chats
  • Top List in Pie chart – Product, Area, Customers
  • Individual Product life cycle in Pie chart
  • Pin code wise product / Customer report
  • Representative Customer wise report

Field Force Reporting –FFR:

Sales and Marketing starts from the field force (Representative and Managers) work in the market by promoting the products. Only by monitoring the field work the company can improve the sales. The bottom up approach of the sales strategies starts from the Field Force Reports.

SEP gives the detail and accurate data of the field force from the base work of the representatives.

We provide FFR software with the mobile application which makes the input easier so that the representative can spend more time in field than reporting. The reports are collected from the field hence the accuracy will be 100%.

We provide two models in the FFR software with Web application and Mobile application for Representative, Managers and Managing Directors with different logins according to the requirement.

  • FFR Software with GPS tracking
  • FFR Software basic

FFR with GPS Tracking

Representatives will be provided with mobile application with the GPS tracking function in order to monitor their filed activity.

Features – Representative’s Mobile Application/Web Application:

  • Daily attendance from the location
  • Schedule work plan ( Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Work plan view and Pop up daily calls
  • One click instant report from the Doctor location
  • Sample request
  • Claim request
  • RCPA – Retail Chemist Prescription Audit ( in a simple and easy way)
  • Add New doctors and Chemist
  • View - Missed appointments, Postponed Calls, Visited Calls and unplanned calls
  • POB – Purchase Order Booking
  • View Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports/li>
  • Doctor wise reports
  • Chemist wise reports
  • Customized features according to the requirement of the company

Features – Manager’s Mobile Application/Web Application:

  • Managers can control and monitor the representatives under their control
  • Schedule calls for representative and for themselves ( Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • View representative work plan and reports
  • Confirm the request form the representatives ( Leave, claim, Doctor, Chemist, Joint work,
  • Track the representatives with their location
  • Monitor individual representative location based reports ( Doctor wise, Chemist wise, etc.,)
  • POB – Purchase Order Booking/li>

Advantages of SEP:

  • The overall analysis of FFR, Primary and Secondary Sales with the comparative graph and reports assures growth of the company by the strategy implemented by the company accordingly.
  • The Management will have the Eagle view on the sales and marketing from the bottom of the market.
  • Continues monitoring and analysis of the sales enables to find the flaws and perfections in the strategies implemented by the management


  • Monitoring of Field force from the bottom of the market ensures the accurate reports
  • Fast and easy reporting makes the representatives to concentrate more on field than reporting
  • Tracking ensures the productivity of the company by the Field Force
  • Reporting from the location with the time spent and details shows the time management
  • Company can be independent from the field force during recession periods
  • Overall FFR improves the time management and productivity of the company with the continuous monitoring and reporting.

Stock & Sales Automation:

  • Company can ensure the stock availability in each and every stockiest
  • Can avoid the Stock dumping and scarcity of stocks in the stockiest place
  • Auto Dispatch ensure the time management and accuracy
  • Can avoid excess manufacturing and Expire goods can be controlled
  • Stock availability monitoring based on manual entry and SSR avoids the Stock dumping and returns
  • Overall Stock & Sales automation will ensure the overall control of the primary sales from the company directly instead of depending on the Representatives reports.

SSR: Secondary Sales Reports

  • The detailed analysis of the secondary sales provides clear picture of the market strength and potential of the company and product
  • Chemist wise & Doctor wise sales based on Representative individual contribution towards the sales of the company provides the real time value of the total sales
  • Graphical representation and period based reports makes company aware of the sales growth
  • Product lifecycle of each and every product improves the concentration on individual products
  • Bottom up approach of the company from the field to manufacturing will be accurate and reliable
“Sales Enhancement Planner is a unique and first time in the pharmaceutical industry, which is based on the overall sales and marketing of the company, specialized and customized to Analyze, Plan and Implement your sales strategies in an accurate and simplified way”