We always believe that a common software will not solve the issue of individual companies. As every company have different work flow, different culture, different employees, different clients, the software should respect the uniqueness and serve different.

M&M-CRM is customized and reliable software which differs from other CRMs. Our CRM is designed with specialized modules by analyzing the work flow of your company. We continuously develop our CRM by understanding the market needs and changes.

A complete software from Warehouse to Customer management which allows you to integrate with any of your existing software for get and provide data.

User Management

Super Admin can create ā€œNā€ number of users and create rule for them, Admin, managers and role wise management can be assigned in the user management.

  • User role management
  • Add, view, edit, delete users
  • Permission management for all menu and options
  • Hierarchy management
  • Reports

Task management

Task management tool ensures your team work and productivity, know what work to be assigned to whom and the status in real time.

  • Top to bottom and vice versa hierarchy work flow management
  • Type of work
  • Work Preference
  • Pending work reports
  • Notifications on time
  • Watch manager option
  • Reports

warehouse Management

After manufacturing all your products reaches to Warehouse from where products are supplied to your Stockiest / Distributors or directly to your end customer.

  • Stock Management
  • Product Management
  • Barcode integration for fast billing
  • DC management
  • Transport management

Distributor / Stockiest Management:

Gift your distributors the web application which makes them comfortable to interact with you directly for all their needs.

  • Web App for distributors
  • Stock Management
  • Order management
  • Complaint and feedback management
  • Minimum order quantity management
  • Offer Management
  • Credit limit management
  • Reports to monitor and manage

Leads & Sales Team Management

Lead / sales team is backbone of any company which provides revenue to run. Most important operations and managements will be provided to this team and hence the monitoring should be strong and reliable.

  • Complete maintenance and management of sales team, warehouse and Stockiest
  • Tele Calling management and reporting
  • Feedback and complaint management
  • Stock and sales management
  • Sales team monitoring and management
  • Enquiry management
  • Quotation - Performa Invoice - Sales Order management

Customer Support Management

Customer support team plays a major role in getting continues business from existing customers, in order to make the team more productive we provide unique features with notification and reports.

  • Feedback and Complaint management
  • Client history management
  • Tele calling and report management
  • Order booking management
  • Order management from stockiest and direct customers
  • Reports