Get your adverts shown in the right places

Pay Per Click is a form of paid online advertising that can supply you with instant traffic to your website, making it a perfect marketing tool for your business. Google Ads is the biggest platform in the marketplace and is mostly synonymous with PPC in the industry. Google’s search results pages are extremely crowded and paid ads provide you with immediate visibility. Working with a PPC agency led by Pay Per Click consultants is the fastest way to obtain clicks, visits and leads for your website.

As Pay Per Click specialists, our services will ensure that your paid ads budget goes further, encompassing Google search, display, shopping and Bing.

What are the benefits?

Paid search is often a key component in a broader successful marketing strategy and effective PPC ads can help you stand out from the crowd and increase brand awareness.

Some benefits of paid advertising services include:

Generate More Traffic

Ensure an instant uplift in traffic to increase awareness in your campaign; 40% of people click on paid ads.

Get a Leg-Up

Get first-page exposure to put you another step ahead of your market competitors.

Optimised Leads

Closely monitored leads can be optimised further and increase traffic as well as the possibility of conversions.

Boost Your Brand

Open advertisement of your brand increases your target market’s awareness of your brand, helping to build trust.

Track Conversions

Obtain accurate data of tracked of visitors to your site, as well as conversions.

Develop Keyword Strategy

Gain valuable insights into your best performing keywords to attribute more cost-effective spending.

Building leads for the long term

Paid search can attract new customers quickly, and give your organic search efforts time to pay off and start to bring in long-term and more cost-effective website traffic. PPC audits conducted by a PPC consultant will review any existing campaign you have set up, and find areas for optimisation to yield you better results.

We are more than just your PPC agency

We’re dedicated to collaborating closely with you to ensure that our team of pay per click specialists create the most effective PPC campaign to suit your company. We combine your knowledge and experience of your industry with our PPC expertise to deliver great results. Mic and Mac Solutions is proud to be an official Google Partner, with our marketing team being certified in Google Ads.

PPC Campaign Management Services

With an agreed monthly budget, our dedicated team can generate PPC results that will transform your business. Our PPC contracts are flexible, so we can start, stop, pause or amend your adverts at any time to suit your needs and budgets.

Our Pay Per Click service comprises of budget management, keyword bidding, advert creation, on-going campaign monitoring and reporting.

Before the campaign begins, we’ll discuss your objectives with you and recommend the campaigns and spend to achieve this. As part of our PPC management service, we’ll also set up conversion tracking so that you can monitor your return on investment. Tracking conversions correctly is essential to measure results but also to help inform your decision-making when it comes to your marketing.

Sell more with Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a must for any ecommerce website. Shopping ads get a premium position in SERPs and your product information, price and competitiveness are immediately visible for all to see, so you’re likely to get higher quality users clicking on your ads.

It’s a far more cost effective form of paid ads for ecommerce sites and you will likely see a better conversion rate than if you were relying on search ads.

As your PPC agency, we’ll set up your shopping feed in the Merchant Centre and structure your products into campaigns in Google Ads. We’ll monitor, manage and optimise your campaigns and product information to maximise product visibility.

Display Ads and Remarketing

Get your brand in front of your target audience while they’re browsing the web using Google’s display network.

Display ads are a great way to build brand awareness and you can even target users who have previously visited your website with remarketing ads. And it’s also low cost. Our PPC specialists build display campaigns built around your target demographic and make sure ads only appear on relevant sites for your business.

With the support of our graphic design team, we can also design stunning banners that make your brand stand out. They’ll use your brand guidelines and we’ll always get approval from you on the copy and design before putting the ads live.

If you require a PPC audit or the expertise of a Pay Per Click agency, we’d love to hear from you.

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